WEB Production by FDWS

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FDWS Inc. のWEB制作部門のWEBサイト「WEB Production by FDWS」。



これらはインターネット上に無数にある無意味な装飾を施されているデザインへのアンチテーゼであり、「Less is More」の体現とFDWSが示すマニュフェストでもある。

WEB site "WEB Production by FDWS" of the production division of WEB "FDWS Inc.".

WEB design as that adopted the orthodox layout, are taking the way to eliminate the decoration as much as possible, show only content.

Basic color scheme that you are using the Red as an accent to the White × Black.

These are the antithesis to the design has been decorated in countless meaningless on the Internet, is also embodied and manifest FDWS of "Less is More" is shown.

url : http://web.fdws.jp/